Raft Boat

Toford's latest fabrication Raft Boat provides a great simple design, quality build, user friendliness, low maintenance and low cost. It combines PE pipe with wood decking thus offer a durable hull and wider flat working platform.

Technical Specifications

Raft Models RB-0950S RB-0950D  RB-1150S RB-1150D
Length (LOA) 9.5M 9.5 M  11.5 M 11.5 M
Beam (BOA) 225 cm 225 cm  245 cm 245 cm
Pipe structure: HDPE-100 355mm 355mm  400mm 400mm
Pipes layer single Double  single double
Weight without engine 1970 kg 2660 kg  2740 kg 3840 kg
Max. horse power 115 hp 115 hp  140 hp 140 hp
Designed horse power 60 hp up 85 hp up  85 hp up 115 hp up
Max. load 1000 kg 3000kg  2100 kg 5600 kg
Wood decking yes Yes  yes yes
Capstan option option  option option


Work Boat

These work boat offers great design, quality build, unique flexibility, and low maintenance. Toford’s rigid buoyancy boat have rigid pontoons filled with polystyrene. Combined with V-shaped hull, this design makes a virtually unsinkable boat with unique stability and excellent seaworthiness.

• 5 pcs mooring cleats
• Manual bilge pump
• Fuel tank
• Electric starting system
• Stowage space with hatch
• Anchor and rope
• Battery compartment

Technical Specifications

Work Boat Models WB-0450 WB-0560 WB-0660  
Length (LOA) 450 cm  560 cm 660 cm 
Beam (BOA) 220 cm  230 cm 245 cm
Pipe structure: HDPE-100 Yes Yes Yes 
Displacement 500 kgs 700 kg 990 kg
Max. horse power 80 hp 100 hp 200 hp 
Designed horse power 50 hp 80 hp up 115 hp up
Max. load 800 kg 1000 kg 1500 kg 
V-bottom yes yes Yes