Recirculation Aquaculture Systems

Recirculation Aquaculture Systems

Components of Recirculation Aquaculture Systems

Recirculation aquaculture systems are technically designed to provide recirculation for aquarium and fish tanks in order to maintain best environmental hygiene for the aquarium.

    Building components
    Shed A shed is properly built to accommodate the filter plant. It is necessary that there is a safe shed or building spot for the filtration plant.

    Water pumping Water pumping is an essential part of the circulating system as it is a key to transfer the water from and to the aquatic situation.

    Electricity supply It is necessary to pump into waters and lighting needs for the plant. It is necessary that you have three phase electric supply for the aquaculture re-circulating system.

    Emergency power supply There is also a great need of an emergency power supply like a generator or an emergency power supply to keep the circulation ongoing without interruption.

    Oxygen producing component Providing a constant and optimum level of oxygen for the water is essential to keep fishes healthy in the aquarium.

    Mechanical filtration component The mechanical filtration is installed in order to remove the waste products from the water and get the water clean.

    Biological filtration part Biological filtration plant is used to remove the ammonia and nitrites from the water. It is because these components are poisonous and can harm fishes and result into problems related to that of fish health.

    Lighting part A lighting part is also there to help maintain the day and night effects in the water tank to provide the aquatic environment a natural light cycle as it is present in  natural habitat.