Extra wide Stanchion Predator-Proof Cage

  • Professional design for durable PE-fabricated stanchion
  • Made with high strength HDPE 100 material
  • 20 years of experience in fish cage design and building
  • Specialists in storm and wave-resistant cages
  • No Centre net support needed

New product - Extra wide Stanchion

Toford’s latest stanchion aims at maximum protection of your investment.
The 3-collar stanchion increases the separation between predator net and inner stock net.
Designed to protect valuable stock against predators such as seals and provides more security for operators and temporary placement of equipment. A sure way to achieve maximum harvest and profit!

Technical Specifications – Extra wide Stanchion Predator-Proof Cage

Cage Model FY-450T FY-500T FY-560T
Floating Pipe diameter 450mm 500mm 560mm
Standard circumferences 150-190M 180-240M 230-310M
Standard diameters 45 - 60M 55 - 75M 75 - 100M
Stanchion Spacing 238cm 266cm 283cm
Number of Stanchions 68 80 112
Handrail Pipe Diameter 125mm 140mm 140mm
Stanchion separation  2.5M 2.5M 2.5M
Number of Mooring Brackets 16 Pcs  20 Pcs  20 Pcs 
Styrofoam Filling Yes Yes Yes
Availble with sinker tube 400mm 450mmm 500mm
Available with Wire Weight Yes Yes Yes
Available with Walkway Yes Yes Yes
All models meet NS 9415 / Factory is ISO 9001 certified
Custom made item available / Cage repair service - any size