Walkway Path

  • Professional design for durable PE-welded Triple Collars Bracket
  • Made by high strength quality HDPE 100 material
  • With over 20 years experience of cage farming system
  • Stormy waves resistant

Technical Specifications

Stanchion Model WKS-315 -T WKS-450 -T Comment
Floating Pipe diameter 315mm 450mm HDPE-100Materia
Width of walkway 1300mm 1900mm  
Handrail HDPE Pipe 110mm 140mm HDPE-100
Walkway Decking Yes Yes HDPE-100
Distance between Brackets 2.0M 2.5M Customization available
All models meet NS 9415 / Factory is ISO 9001 certified
Custom made item available / Cage repair service - any size